Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a specific campsite?

Camp site reservations are assigned on a first come-first served basis. You will have the option to enter a request in the online system when you sign up for camp. We will work to accommodate these requests as closely as possible. We will also take physical and medical needs into account when assigning campsites if they are entered during the online reservation process.

What are the tents/cots like?

Bert Adams Scout Camp provides two types of tents. Our traditional tents are canvas platforms tents with two metal-framed, canvas-bottomed cots in each tent.

Our Adventure Camp tents (located in the Adventure Campsites) are canvas tents with tarps. These tents are supplied with four wooden bedframes, mattresses, and come equipped with electrical outlets. These tents are limited and based upon availability.  Additional fees may apply.

Do all campsites have access to electricity?

Most campsites have electricity for basic necessities. The Adventure Campsites have electricity inside the tents. Power Packs can be rented for medical purposes in our traditional campsites without electricity.

I need electricity at the campsite for medical reasons.

Please enter this request in the online system when you sign up for Merit Badge classes, under the Medical Needs section. Include your reasoning for this request. Medical reasons are the primary factors in allowing specific campsite requests.

Is there a doctor or nurse at camp?

Health Lodge staff experts, often EMT’s or Paramedics, are at the Health Lodge during summer camp and able to render first aid and connect Scouts with additional medical assistance when necessary. There is plenty of back-up support provided by our Council Physician and the Hospital and Fire/Rescue. 

Do I need the entire medical form filled out?

Yes. You MUST have a completed full medical form filled out for everyone attending camp. This includes a physician physical. If the youth does not have this upon arrival, we will send them to the nearest location at the expense of the unit/youth.

Can adult leaders split a week?

Yes. If the adult is coming 3 days or less they can split the week with other adults. Adults splitting a week cannot be at camp at the same time. The one checking out needs to meet the one checking in at the camp office to switch them over. Adults staying 4 days or more are required to pay the full week fee.

How many Merit Badges can Scouts sign up for?

This is at the discretion of the leaders. There are 7 slots for Merit Badges, but some take up two slots, and some require afternoon work.

How many Merit Badges are earned in the Rawhide program?

The Rawhide first-year camper program is designed to introduce less experienced Scouts BSA to the skills they’ll need to get the most out of their summer camp experience. There will be activities that involve rank advancement, but no specific Merit Badges will be earned during the Rawhide periods. Scouts BSA taking Rawhide may take other Merit Bade courses during other periods of the day.

My Scouts BSA/child is very mature, can they still take X class even though they do not meet the age requirements?

The ages on there are our highly recommended guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

Do Scouts need CPR Certification before arriving at camp to do BSA Lifeguard?

This is not offered as part of the course. Participants will need to take CPR for the Professional Rescuer before or after camp in order to complete the BSA Lifeguard Certification.