Sitting on over 1,300 acres just outside of Atlanta, GA, Bert Adams Scout Camp is an experience like no other. It's not hard to see why Bert Adams has become a destination for fun, adventure, and training. Its best-in-class facilities include an air conditioned dining hall, new swimming pool, rifle and shotgun ranges, and permanent platform tents, many with electricity.

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Love Dining Hall

The Love Dining hall is one of the highlights of the remodeled Bert Adams property. Take a moment to cool off in it's air conditioned halls.

Fort Brumley

Fort Brumley is a unique indoor/outdoor teaching space with four classrooms, two breakout spaces a stage and a large pavilion with outdoor seating for over one hundred people. Multiple restrooms, water fountains and hand washing stations are located within Fort Brumley as well.

Ellis Amphitheatre

This iconic campfire ring seats over 1,200 and is the cornerstone of camping programs at Bert Adams. The amphitheatre is euqipped with lights and an amplified PA system. It overlooks the lake and is accessed via a short scenic walk across a wooden bridge near the Love Dining Hall.

Williams Aquatic Center

Whether you are just learning to swim, or are an experienced Scout looking to challenge a new adventure like SCUBA, our new swimming pool provides a comfortable and secure environment for aquatics activities. 


Bert Adams is has everything you want to cool off with an awesome aquatic adventure. Our waterfront and dock is packed with activities from motor boating and swimming to life saving and kayaking. 

Langford Nature Center

The Langford Nature Center is a climate controlled integrated clasroom space complete with nature displays, two restrooms and two outdoor learning areas. 

Rifle and Shotgun Ranges

Part of the BA Extreme Challenge, our shooting ranges are always among the most popular activities. Our trained range masters help Scouts earn their rifle, shotgun, and archery merit badges, and supervise free shoots throughout the day. Unlike other Scout camps, at Bert Adams, there is no extra charge for shooting sports.

Climbing Tower/C.O.P.E. Course

For Scouts looking for high-altitude adventures, Bert Adams has a top of the line climbing tower and C.O.P.E. course. Managed by experienced and trained staffers, Scouts can zipline through the trees, tackle team-building ropse courses, and scale the 62-foot climbing tower.

Ashley Leaders Training Center

Leaders, we know how important it is for you to stay connected to the real world while away at camp. The Ashley Leaders Training Center was developed with you in mind as a place to keep in touch with home and work, or simply to visit and learn from other volunteer leaders.  

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Camping Assistant Veronica Bramlett (770) 956-5687 Email